WCWM : WHO'S COMING WITH ME (aka THE UNITY MOVEMENT) is a business dedicated to supporting and uniting Black artists, businesses, and youth in New Orleans. Founded in 2011 as a Stop the Violence Movement, it wasn't until 2015 that WCWM became an official business and made a transition into a UNITY MOVEMENT. This was an intentional step to becoming more solution orientated.

WCWM is about relationship building as a means of becoming more interdependent within the New Orleans Black community. It is a solution toward ending the violence, poverty and criminalization that many of our inner city youth too often fall victim to. It's about providing businesses and artists with the support they need to continue to grow and employ young skilled workers at living wages.

WCWM promotes investing in young aspiring artists and entrepreneurs through mentorship from established and skilled artists and entrepreneurs within the Black arts and business community, while intentionally staying connected to young people so they will have the proper tools that are need to guarantee successful futures.

WCWM is a membership based business that believes, "Together we can be the change we want to see in New Orleans. "


WCWM : WHO'S COMING WITH ME is currently producing its first short film. Produced in partnership with WCWM member, CFREEDOM PHOTOGRAPHY and in celebration of New Orleans women, this is one of many upcoming film projects dedicated to WCWM's mission of supporting and uniting artists, businesses, and youth. Visit www.theessenceofnow.com to LEARN MORE about this upcoming film production.

Interested in becoming a producer, sponsor, or being featured in this production, ask about how via theessenceofnow@gmail.com. We are in the process of finalizing this production and will be released in 2019. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting upcoming event. Check out a few of our WCWM Members below! Become a WCWM Member and learn how you can support them and receive discounts on select products and services.